About Cape Wildlife Center

Fox Kit Rescue
Photo by Deborah Robbins Millman/The HSUS

Cape Wildlife Center promotes and protects the health and well-being of native wildlife and their habitats, which are integral parts of the Cape Cod community and trains current and emerging wildlife professionals. Learn more about our externship programs »

Since 2000, the center has been daily, providing emergency care and wildlife rehabilitation. A full-time staff of seven, including a veterinarian, director of wildlife rehabilitation, certified veterinary technician and licensed wildlife rehabilitators along with volunteers and student externs work together to heal and restore wildlife for eventual release back into the wild. Rescuers can bring injured, ill, or orphaned wildlife to our Barnstable, Mass., facility. Contact us »

Information on how to humanely resolve conflicts between people and wildlife is regularly disseminated to the community, and members of the public are invited to attend our regular series of wildlife lectures and other educational programs. The staff works with local, state, and federal agencies, elected officials and other advocacy groups to develop sound and humane public policy.