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The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas that was founded in 1979 by author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. The sanctuary is not a zoo but is now open to the public 1-2 times per month for small, prescheduled, guided tours to respect the peace and privacy of the animals. Check out our events page for upcoming tour dates, and schedule your Ranch of Dreams tour today!

For the safety of our staff, animals and guests - All tours and experiences have been cancelled due to ongoing concerns about the COVID-19 virus. If you have reserved tickets during this time, please contact us at 903-469-3811 X 105 to reschedule or for a refund. This includes Ranch of Dreams tours and Wild Impact experiences. We will continue to monitor the situation and update this policy as needed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


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About the Sanctuary

The Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, Texas. The ranch was founded in 1979 by author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. And in 2014 the board of directors of The Fund for Animals voted unanimously to memorialize its late, great founder by renaming its flagship animal sanctuary in his honor.

With over 1,400 acres, it is home to more than 800 domestic and exotic animals, many of whom have been rescued from near-death situations such as slaughterhouses, biomedical research laboratories and trophy hunting ranches. Others have been rescued from roadside zoos or were former victims of the exotic pet trade. Still others came from public lands where they were threatened with extermination by the federal government. Bison and cattle, horses and burros, antelope and apes, camels and tigers: all have permanent, safe homes at the ranch.

The sanctuary is not a zoo and is only open to the public for private, small, guided tours to respect the peace and privacy of the animals.

Membership Benefits

You can choose to purchase a one-time visit or you can become a sustainer member through a monthly donation, giving you access to an even more intimate experience as a Fund supporter.

  • Tour tickets to visit the sanctuary
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    You will receive emails with updates and stories about all the work of The Fund.
  • Donor Bricks
    As a thank-you for being a sustainer, you will be given the opportunity to place a custom brick in our donor walk.

Tour Information

1. Apes and Monkeys

You will learn about our many primates rescued from research laboratories and the private pet trade, now living a free life in sanctuary.

2. Pigs, Goats and More

At the next stop, you’ll see our farm pigs, goats, sheep, turkeys and chickens. These rescued animals are enjoying their new lives at Black Beauty Ranch.

3. Big Cats

Here you will get to see our expansive big cat habitat. All of our big cats were rescued from deplorable conditions.

4. Native Wildlife

Black Beauty Ranch is a sanctuary for rescued native wildlife including bobcats and bears. It also provides a safe home to many native species.

5. Non-Native Wildlife

Our 35-acre non-native wildlife habitat is home to more than 100 animals, many of whom were saved from being sold to captive hunting operations.

6. Cows and Steers

This section of the property is where our free-roaming cows and steers enjoy their days lounging in the sun. We’ll bet you’ve never met an elderly cow before!

7. Doris Day Equine Center

Our Doris Day Equine Center is home to our special needs horses who need more care than could be provided if they were out in our expansive pastures.

8. Wild Pigs

Our 19-acre wild pig pen is home to rescued wild pigs. A non-native species, they’ve become a wildlife and farming issue after being introduced to the U.S.

9. Horses

Our expansive pastures are home to many homeless horses rescued from cruelty, neglect, slaughter and exploitation.

10. Burros

True to our roots, we provide sanctuary to hundreds of wild burros saved from extermination and slaughter.

Download a PDF version of the Tour map.

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Wildlife Protection

We work to protect wildlife from captive hunting, the fur trade, the exotic pet trade, Canada’s commercial seal slaughter, horse slaughter, habitat loss, urbanization and more.

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Equine Protection

We fight to safeguard the welfare of horses, burros and donkeys. We work to end cruelty and abuse, horse slaughter and irresponsible breeding while encouraging responsible horse ownership and providing support and resources to the horse rescue community.

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Farm Animal Protection

We work on many fronts to protect farm animals from some of the most egregious abuses on factory farms. In the last decade, we’ve seen significant reforms in the way farm animals are treated, both in the U.S. and abroad.

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Primate Protection

We encourage and advance innovations to replace the use of animals in scientific research. Until such alternatives are available, we will work to reduce the number of animals used and refine research to decrease animal suffering.

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Companion Animal Protection

We know pets are important parts of your family. We help you enjoy your furry and winged companions and solve any problems that prevent you both from purring. And we can also show you how to improve the lives of the companion animals next door, in shelters and on the streets.

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