The Fund For Animals Financial Reports

Thanks to your support, The Fund for Animals can continue and expand our advocacy and animal care programs. The Fund for Animals is known for stretching donor dollars to get the most bang for your buck and we are proud of the accomplishments and victories for animals that your dedication and financial support makes possible. Nobody gets it done like The Fund for Animals, thanks to you. 

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Annual Reports

Auditor's Reports—Statement of Functional Expenses

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For many years, The Fund for Animals has relied on direct mail, email, telephone and other means of solicitation to recruit, expand and maintain its membership. Direct marketing and other donor channels allow The Fund for Animals to share specific details about recent accomplishments and to provide information about current campaigns and priorities to millions of supporters. The Fund for Animals also uses postal mail -- and other channels -- to educate and to call the public to action to advance its mission and lifesaving work for animals.

This is why, in accordance with Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines, The Fund for Animals allocates a portion of its direct mail, email, phone and other communication costs to program services and to fundraising. Such costs are allocated to each major program, including

  1. Direct Animal Care Services – The Fund for Animals operates one of the nation’s largest and most diverse network of animal sanctuaries. Year after year the fund provides hands-on care and safe haven for many hundreds of animals, including those rescued from cruelty and neglect, victims of the exotic pet trade, refugees from research labs and more. The fund manages the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison and the Duchess Sanctuary in Oakland, OR.
  2. Humane Education and Advocacy – Animals enter the fund for animal’s sanctuary system from all over the country every year, and sanctuary staff members provide service and expertise throughout the nation, advising government agencies, private institutions, and the public on humane solutions to human-wildlife conflicts and migratory populations, while pushing for public policies that benefit wild animals and wild animal habitats. The Fund for Animals animal care centers provide personalized tours, extern programs for professional students and volunteer opportunities for visitors from around the country.