Spring is here!

At The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, leaves are sprouting on the trees, grass is growing tall and green and flowers are erupting into full bloom! It's a beautiful time of year.  Spring is a time for new birth, not only for the fauna that surrounds us, but for the wildlife, too. 

Everywhere you turn, there's the hustle and bustle of songbirds, flitting here and there, busy with their hatchlings begging to be fed.  Hawks and owls that just a few weeks ago were soaring overhead in courtship are now settled on their nests.  We’re waiting now for the next generation of raptors to hatch, including red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks, and preparing for the orphans that will surely arrive this year, just as they have every year before.  As for owls, it's the screaming barn owlets and hooting great-horned owlets that show up first; even so, the great horned owls will end up being the species that stay with us the longest.  Striped skunk kits, opossum joeys, coyote puppies, and bobcat kittens sometimes come in scared and alone - and sometimes they are brought in as whole litters of siblings.  Lastly, orphaned black bear cubs without the nurturing and protection of their mother will show up later in summer.

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