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Rabbit Once For Sale Rescued

This little lop found a safe and loving home at the Rabbit Sanctuary.

Mikael Hardy, a volunteer at the Rabbit Sanctuary in Simpsonville, S.C., was on her way home one day when he spotted a cage on the side of the road, near a driveway. She could see something was inside the cage, but wasn’t sure what. She turned the car around and went back for a closer look.

There she found a young gray and white lop rabbit, shaking and pressed up against one of the corners of the cage. He was trying to stay as far away from the road as possible. Once Mikael saw the animal in the cage was a rabbit who appeared to have been abandoned, she knew just where this little fellow needed to go. The solution seemed simple until she walked down the driveway with the rabbit and saw more caged rabbits and a dog tied to a tree near a trailer.

A man came out and asked Mikael if she wanted to buy the rabbit or any of the others sitting miserably in their small cages. She emphatically said no and instead told him that she would take the rabbits, as well as the chained dog, and get them into a safe and healthy environment. He refused.

After more conversation, he relented on the lop. Once she had the rabbit safely in her car, Mikael drove directly to the sanctuary. The little rabbit was welcomed with open arms and he overcame his fright as he realized that he was now in a safe, nurturing environment.

Later, Mikael returned to the property to plead once more for the release of the other rabbits and the dog. The rabbits, as well as the owner, were gone, the property abandoned, but he had left the dog still tied to the tree. The dog was rescued and he now lives in a loving home in upstate New York.

Back at the sanctuary, the little lop, now called Hardy, was settling in. He was neutered, and then had to wait a while in the health building for a territory to open up in a Rabbitat.

Meanwhile, a young female rabbit was rescued and brought in after nearly being hit by a car. We named her JoJo and thought she would make a wonderful companion for Hardy. She was spayed and after her recuperation period, the two rabbits were placed together in a small containment corral to begin the bonding process. They took to each other right away and were moved out into a territory of their own. Hardy and JoJo have a wonderful time together in their safe and loving new home.