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Paradise for Pepita

It was a cold winter day in late December when a woman named Linda was in a pet store buying supplies for the dogs and cats she rescues. As she was leaving, someone came in carrying a small cage with a lovely light brown lop bunny she found in a shopping cart in the parking lot. The bunny was in the cage with a small bag of supplies, a red bow and a note that said "Free Rabbit".

Fate intervened with Linda being in the store as the lady came in with the rabbit. Linda was already fostering a male rabbit she'd rescued a couple of months earlier and had contacted us. We agreed to take him when space opened up. Linda loves rabbits, but at that time she was very involved with dog and cat rescue and couldn't provide the rabbit with the life she deserves.

She contacted us again to say that she had rescued another rabbit and asked if we could also take that one. She said that the new rabbit had a slight head tilt and she had taken it to the vet to be checked out. The problem turned out to be an inner ear infection, which was treated with an antibiotic. The vet determined that the rabbit was a female under a year. She was already fostering was a male lop.

Because we house rabbits together at the Sanctuary, we agreed to take this additional rabbit, with the thought that they would live together in a territory. Linda arranged for them to be spayed and neutered before she brought them. After their surgery, they came back to her house to recuperate and wait for an opening at the Sanctuary. They were being kept on her screen porch in separate pens. We asked her if she would try to bond them so that when they arrived at the Sanctuary, they could go directly to their territory together. Linda had much trepidation about this, having never done it before. She agreed to try after getting a tutorial from Caroline Gilbert on the bonding process. The rabbits instantly became great companions.

It wasn't long before space opened up at the Sanctuary, and the rabbits—now known as Amigo and Pepita—became residents of Rabbitat I.