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Manju’s Sweet Serendipity

Manju was rescued from a Manhattan street.

Seeing a domestic bunny on a busy urban sidewalk is not a common sight and is a signal that something is amiss. Fortunately for this rabbit spotted in Queens, NY, a friend of the Rabbit Sanctuary saw him, and she knew just what to do.

The Capture

While walking her dachshund on a crowded sidewalk, Lavinia, a friend of the Rabbit Sanctuary, saw a large spotted rabbit weaving toward her through a forest of legs and called on her fellow pedestrians to help capture him.

"Catch the rabbit!" she shouted, worried that the animal could be trampled or killed in nearby traffic. Several people listened. Soon, the frightened rabbit was cornered in a storefront and swept into safety. Lavinia held the rabbit close against her body to comfort him, collected her dog, and proceeded back to her apartment.

And Manju Makes Three

Lavinia named the rabbit Manju, which means “sweet.” The three lived together for several months, but Lavinia knew that this situation was temporary. As much as she had grown to love the animal, she knew her one-room apartment would not give him access to the sun nor allow him to explore nature.

During the plane trip to the Sanctuary in South Carolina, Manju sat in Lavinia’s lap. And while it was difficult to say goodbye, Manju now lives peacefully and safely with his new companion, Bailey, at the Sanctuary.

In Manju’s new home a forest of trees surrounds him, and the sun’s rays shine down on him. There are no worries of surviving in a concrete jungle, nor of confinement. Manju—and his rescuerer, Lavinia—sleep well knowing he is safe forever.

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Posted: November 25, 2008