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Bundle of Joy

The once-mistreated Bundle now lives in peace in his permanent home at the Rabbit Sanctuary. 

A victim of the pet industry, Bundle was born in an uncomfortable wire cage, where he was kept for five weeks with his mother and siblings. 

Then, still too young to be weaned, Bundle and his siblings were taken from their mother in a box and driven to a mall pet shop. They were transferred to a glass aquarium for display and sale as Easter bunnies. One by one, Bundle's siblings were removed until only he remained. He sat shivering alone in the corner of the aquarium. He had no place to hide and nothing familiar around him.

Bundle was eventually sold as an Easter present for a small child. As so often happens to impulse or holiday pet purchases, the novelty of a new pet wore off on the family, and the little rabbit sat alone in his wire cage, ignored. 

The child's mother took Bundle in his cage to the local shelter. The shelter, which was not set up for caring for rabbits and was overwhelmed with dogs and cats, scheduled the little rabbit to be euthanized. Euthanasia is a common fate for many rabbits purchased as Easter presents. Others are turned outdoors and expected to survive, even though most domestic rabbits are killed by predators or vehicles, or starve to death in a short period of time.

Virtually Adopt Your Own Easter Rabbit

Rescued at the last minute, Bundle found a forever home at the Rabbit Sanctuary. With proper nourishment and care, he could live to be ten years old. 

Bundle's story is one in a million, and his fate stands in stark contrast to the 90 percent of all bunnies sold in the pet trade as Easter bunnies who die within a year. Victims of impulse buying, Easter bunny buyers rarely make a long term commitment to their new pet. 

Buyers should beware the commercial Easter bunny sales pitch. Bunnies are not seasonal presents; they are complex pets who need year-round commitment. 

To help bunnies like Bundle, this year consider a special Easter gift: virtually adopt a rescued Easter rabbit. Through the virtual Adopt-A-Rabbit program, you can feed and house a rabbit at the Rabbit Sanctuary. Your meaningful gift will double your impact: you will help stop the production of more bunnies for seasonal trade, and you will provide a forever home to those who have survived it in the first place!

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Posted March 19, 2008