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Lowe's Employee Helps to Rebuild Bumper's Life

Bumper's rescuer—and hero—wore a Lowe's apron. 

Lowe’s is a home improvement store known for providing tools and materials to get the job done. But when a little red New Zealand rabbit became the victim to a grisly accident in the parking lot, it was the compassion of a Lowe’s employee that saved the day.

A Dangerous World

Turned out of his home or an escapee from a backyard hutch—how the small red rabbit found himself on the blacktop of a bustling Lowe’s store remains a mystery.

But once amidst hundreds of cars coming and going in every direction, the rabbit’s speed, agility and survival maneuvers proved useless. One car barely missed running him over. He darted out of its path and into the path of another. The car hit him on the head, sending his body skidding along the blacktop on his left side. Cars swarmed, as he lay motionless on the blacktop. After a moment, he stood on shaking legs and limped to shelter under a row of nearby utility buildings.

Rescuer Wears Lowe’s Apron

A young employee happened to be walking across the parking lot en route to work and saw a car hit what she thought might be a cat. She pursued the animal to the row of utility buildings, and after gathering her courage, she reached under the building and gently pulled out the limp bloody body.

She removed her work smock, then gently gathered up the little red rabbit and wrapped him in it and carefully wiped the blood from his eye. As she cradled the hurt bunny in her arms, tears swelled in her eyes. When she collected her thoughts she recalled seeing a profile of the Rabbit Sanctuary written up in Critter Magazine.

So she placed a call to the sanctuary. "A rabbit just got hit by a car in Lowe’s parking lot,” she told us. “He’s all bloody. I think he’s lost his eye. Can you help?"

Help is on the Way

We gave the little red rabbit an appropriate name—Bumper.

At first Bumper would not eat. But after five days of intense care that included subcutaneous fluids, pain medicine, antibiotics, soothing ointments, and syringe feeding him by hand (all, of course, on the advice and guidance of our veterinarian), Bumper began to eat on his own.

His condition steadily improved, and about five weeks later he was completely recovered. He did, however, permanently lose sight in his left eye.

Bumper has a vivacious, fun-loving personality, making him a favorite among our volunteers and visitors. He appears to enjoy life in his safe new home, where he shares much of his time with his companion, Maddie.

Note: We regret that we didn’t get the name of the kind brave Lowe’s employee who rescued Bumper. We very much wanted to pay tribute to her. She undoubtedly saved his life, and she is a true hero.

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Posted: May 20, 2008