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Grandmothers Know Best: Minnie-Pennie Finds a New, Permanent Home

Milagro's Minnie-Pennie, newly arrived at the Rabbit Sanctuary, is a peach-colored Rex rabbit with bright brown eyes and a very friendly nature.

She was living in a small, uncomfortable wire cage at a nursing home, taken out only when residents wanted to hold her. Although she was kept clean, fed commercial rabbit feed, and given fresh water, the little rabbit had no life of her own. After serving for three long, monotonous years, the activities director decided to get rid of Minnie, and plans were made to shunt her off to the local animal shelter.

One of the residents, a kind lady in her nineties, heard about Minnie’s imminent departure and was concerned about the little rabbit’s fate. On her granddaughter’s next visit, she spoke of her concern. Her granddaughter was familiar with the Rabbit Sanctuary and inquired if the rabbit might be welcomed. Given the thumbs up, she made arrangements with the nursing home and brought the rabbit to the sanctuary. Her grandmother was very pleased to know that the rabbit which had given her so much joy would have a safe, loving, and permanent new home.

Minnie now gets to enjoy all the rabbit pleasures she had been missing: the company of other rabbits, sunbathing and dirt bathing, digging, nest building and fresh green salads and sweet hay. She finally has the life every domestic rabbit deserves.

On a sadder note, a few weeks after rescuing the little rabbit, the kind, old lady at the nursing home passed away. Her name was Minnie, and hence, the rabbit will always honor her by carrying her name.

Posted July 3, 2006