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Premarin and Other PMU Drugs Are Prescriptions for Cruelty for Horses

March 27, 2015—Drugs made of pregnant mare urine (PMU), such as Premarin, are prescribed to make patients in menopause or with osteoporosis feel better. But horses suffer terribly to make them. See how you can help. Read more»

HSUS Internship Opportunities

March 27, 2015—Help animals and receive valuable training in the animal protection field. Apply for an internship. Read more»

Three Baby Owls Are Recovering at Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

March 25, 2015—Spring is in the air, which for most people means warmer weather and longer days, but for the wildlife rescue and rehabilitation community it means baby season. And this baby season has started off a little earlier than expected with our Fund for Animals Wildlife Center taking in three baby Great Horned Owls from the same nest over the course of one week. Read more»

Animal Care Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

March 18, 2015—Gain animal care experience. Apply to become an intern at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Animal Care Center Operations Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

March 18, 2015—Learn about the operations of an animal care center. Apply to be an intern at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Reuniting Six Coyote Pups with their Mother

February 24, 2015—When some spring yard work turned up six infant coyotes all alone, Kim D'Amico at Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif helped reunite them with their mama. Read more»

Hybrid Coyotes: A Paw in Two Worlds

February 19, 2015—Two abandoned hybrid coyote pups raised for release at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center will instead roam free at Black Beauty Ranch. Watch the video. Read more»

It's Not for the Birds: Feeding Ducks, Geese and Other Waterfowl Can Be Harmful to Their Health

February 18, 2015—A healthy diet for ducks, geese and other waterfowl includes insects, grasses and aquatic plants. Feeding them bread, crackers and popcorn does not provide them with the proper nutrients and may lead to a condition called angel wing. Read more»

HSUS Positions Relating to Equine Protection

January 7, 2015—The HSUS's Equine Protection Department is committed to improving the welfare of horses, burros, donkeys, and other equines through education, advocacy, and direct support. Learn our positions on soring, horse slaughter, euthanasia, horse racing, rodeos, wild mustang and burro management, responsible horse ownership and breeding, carriage horses and the use of horses in PMU (pregnant mare urine) production. Read more»

Photo and Video Intern–Communications

December 30, 2014—Help animals and learn about videography and photography. Apply to intern at our California wildlife center Read more»

Direct Care—Wildlife Interns, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

December 29, 2014—Help and learn about wildlife in California. Apply to intern with The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. Read more»

Q and A with Ian Harding: Pretty Little Liars Star Talks About His Love for Animals

December 17, 2014—Ian Harding of Pretty Little Liars talks about his love for birds and his two rescued lab-poodle mixes. Read more»

The HSUS Teams Up with FFA to Help Horses Around the Country

December 4, 2014—The Humane Society of the United States and its affiliate teamed up with Carter Horse Ranch, a renowned trainer in natural horsemanship, to create a year-long, virtual training program. Called Plan for Progress, the program is designed specifically for trainers working with horses that have been through traumatic experiences. Read more»

San Nicolas Island Cats Update: Hamilton and Willow

November 25, 2014—The following are updates on a few of the cats rescued from San Nicolas Island. Read more»

A Flight For Ferals

November 25, 2014—It was a short flight from San Nicolas Island to Ramona, California, but for 16 feral felines, it was the flight of their lives. Read more»

Hurricane Irene: Aftermath, Day 2

November 24, 2014—The latest news from our field responders on the ground to assist animals in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Read more»

Three Orphaned Bear Cubs Are Making a Full Recovery at FFAWC

November 20, 2014—The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, California is used to caring for orphans of native predatory species like coyotes, bobcats and hawks. But they had never taken in an orphaned bear cub. Until now. Read more»

How to Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

November 17, 2014—Found an orphaned, injured, or sick wild animal? Once you're sure the animal needs help, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Find a wildlife rehabilitator using our state-by-state listing. Read more»

Take a Hike for Wildlife

November 4, 2014—Join The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center on Saturday, January 31 for their first annual wildlife hike-a-thon. The hike will take place at Poway Lake at all proceeds will benefit the work of the FFAWC. Read more»

Two Horses Rescued from Starvation Are Recovering at Duchess Sanctuary

October 28, 2014—Captain and Anna, left to starve by an owner who could no longer feed them, are now safe and happy at our Duchess Sanctuary Read more»

The High of the Tiger: After Long Journey, Rescued Tigers Settle into New Habitat

October 15, 2014—Rescued from a roadside zoo, these tigers are settling into a new habitat at Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. Read more»

House Resolution in Support of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers Praised

October 8, 2014—The Humane Society of the United States praised the introduction of a Congressional resolution recognizing the important role experienced and accredited wildlife rehabilitation centers play in caring for native wildlife in communities across the country. Read more»

Duchess Finds Success with Wildlife Safe Passages Program

September 29, 2014—In the summer of 2013 the Duchess Sanctuary, in cooperation with the HSUS Wildlife Innovation and Response Team, installed numerous safe passageways in our fencing to allow for the travel of wildlife native to the area through our property. Read more»

Meet Kitty, a Chimpanzee Used in Research

September 16, 2014—Kitty, a chimpanzee, found a home at an HSUS sanctuary. Read more»

"The Elephant in the Living Room" Reveals the Realities of Exotic Pet Trade

August 4, 2014—An award-winning documentary, "Elephant in the Living Room" reveals what's wrong with keeping wild animals as pets Read more»