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HSUS Internship Opportunities

September 13, 2016—Help animals and receive valuable training in the animal protection field. Apply for an internship. Read more»

ZIMS Archival Intern, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

September 13, 2016—Help and learn about wildlife in California. Apply to intern with The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. Read more»

Animal Care Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

September 13, 2016—Gain animal care experience. Apply to become an intern at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Animal Care Center Operations Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

September 13, 2016—Learn about the operations of an animal care center. Apply to be an intern at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

How to Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

August 11, 2016—Found an orphaned injured, or sick wild animal? Once you're sure the animal needs help, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Find a wildlife rehabilitator using our state-by-state listing. Read more»

Students: Enter Our Chimp Drawing Contest

July 7, 2016—Students in grades K-12 are invited to enter the 2010 Chimps Deserve Better Drawing Contest, sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States. Read more»

San Nicolas Island Cats Update: Hamilton and Willow

July 7, 2016—The following are updates on a few of the cats rescued from San Nicolas Island. Read more»

Pigs rescued from neglect find a new home at Black Beauty Ranch

July 5, 2016—These pigs were rescued from neglect and are now settling into their new home at Black Beauty Ranch. Learn how you can visit them and the hundreds of other animals living at the sanctuary. Read more»

‘MUTTS’ Cartoonist Patrick McDonnell to Judge Chimpanzee Drawing Contest

July 5, 2016—The HSUS is spreading the message to young people about chimpanzees in laboratories through a drawing contest launching Sept. 1. The 2010 Chimps Deserve Better Drawing Contest opens up a conversation about chimpanzees while sparking creativity and compassion among students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Read more»

Photo and Video Intern–Communications

April 6, 2016—Help animals and learn about videography and photography. Apply to intern at the Cape Wildlife Center. Read more»

Veterinary Externs, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

March 28, 2016—Learn about equine and zoological medicine, animal husbandry and rehabilitation. Apply to be a veterinary extern at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Meet Kitty, a Chimpanzee Used in Research

March 22, 2016—Kitty, a chimpanzee, found a home at an HSUS sanctuary. Read more»

Is That a Raccoon?

March 22, 2016—Sometimes raccoons are blamed for damage they don’t do (it may be your neighbor’s dog who’s rummaging in the trash). The first step to take is to make sure it’s a raccoon you’re dealing with. Read more»

Hundreds of Chimpanzees Like Nim Still Suffer

March 22, 2016—The story of Nim, a chimpanzee who knew Animal Sign Language, is heartbreaking but far from unique. Read more»

HSUS Positions Relating to Equine Protection

March 22, 2016—The HSUS's Equine Protection Department is committed to improving the welfare of horses, burros, donkeys, and other equines through education, advocacy, and direct support. Learn our positions on soring, horse slaughter, euthanasia, horse racing, rodeos, wild mustang and burro management, responsible horse ownership and breeding, carriage horses and the use of horses in PMU (pregnant mare urine) production. Read more»

Big Cats in Cages: Wild Animals Rescued in Atchison, Kansas

March 22, 2016—Nearly one dozen dangerous wild animals were removed from an Atchison, Kan., property after authorities discovered that the animals had been abandoned in their enclosures without access to food or clean water. Read more»

As Sandy Approaches, the Cape Wildlife Center Battens Down Hatches

March 22, 2016—As Hurricane Sandy heads north, the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Mass., operated by The Humane Society of the United States and The Fund for Animals, is safeguarding the wildlife rehabilitation hospital to protect the facility and its wild patients against potential high winds, heavy rainfall and flooding during what AccuWeather is saying is an “extremely rare and dangerous storm.” Read more»

Bear Cub Overcomes Lost Limb at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

February 22, 2016—A curious and friendly three-legged bear cub gets care and help adapting at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, operated in partnership with The HSUS. Read more»

The High of the Tiger: After Long Journey, Rescued Tigers Settle into New Habitat

January 6, 2016—Rescued from a roadside zoo, these tigers are settling into a new habitat at Black Beauty Ranch in Texas. Read more»

The HSUS Teams Up with FFA to Help Horses Around the Country

November 25, 2015—The Humane Society of the United States and its affiliate teamed up with Carter Horse Ranch, a renowned trainer in natural horsemanship, to create a year-long, virtual training program. Called Plan for Progress, the program is designed specifically for trainers working with horses that have been through traumatic experiences. Read more»

'Grate Escape' Saves a Life: Cape Wildlife Center Staff and Others Free Raccoon from Storm Grate

October 21, 2015—A raccoon receives assistance from helpful humans, including staff at the Cape Wildlife Center, after her head becomes stuck in a heavy storm grate. Read more»

For the Love of a Horse: Eight-year-old's Desire for a Horse Leads Her to Black Beauty Ranch

October 2, 2015—After realizing she wasn't ready to adopt a horse just yet, 8-year-old Lucie Bohnsack gets the next best thing---a visit to the Doris Day Equine Center at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Externs and Veterinary Externs, Cape Wildlife Center

September 16, 2015—Learn about wildlife. Apply to extern at Cape Wildlife Center. Read more»

Room with a View

August 27, 2015—Each year at Duchess Sanctuary we undertake a wildlife project to ensure we are living in harmony with our wild neighbors. This year, in cooperation with the HSUS Wildlife Innovation and Response Team, we installed several bird nest boxes. Read more»

River Otter Rescue: Cape Wildlife Center Returns Orphaned Otter to the Wild

August 10, 2015—Orphaned river otter pup brought to Cape Wildlife Center learns how to survive in the wild. Read more»

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