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New Species Arriving at Cape Wildlife Center

April 22, 2014—Strong winds, warmer temperatures, and other environmental factors are sending wildlife to Cape Wildlife Center who are from species rarely seen in the area. Read more»

Animal Care Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

April 9, 2014—The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is seeking Animal Care Interns for Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Animal Care Center Operations Interns, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

April 9, 2014—The Humane Society of the United States (The HSUS) is seeking Animal Care Center Operations Interns for Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Read more»

Virtual Training Program Supports U.S. Horse Rescues

April 7, 2014—Horse rescues around the country can participate in a free, virtual training program. “Plan 4 Progress,” is a year-long course that will help increase the adoption success rates for horses who have been through traumatic experiences. The deadline to apply is Friday, April 11, and 25 rescues around the country will be chosen. Read more»

Little Horse Gets Large New Life at Duchess

April 6, 2014—Betty Boop was rescued from deplorable conditions and neglect on a property with more than 100 other dogs and more than 20 horses. But now, she gets individual attention at Duchess. Read more»

Direct Care—Wildlife Interns, The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center

March 30, 2014—The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center is seeking interns for 2013. Read more»

Pool Saves Seabirds' Lives

March 30, 2014—A brand new pool that provides a constant stream of water is helping seabirds recover more quickly from injury. Cape Wildlife Center employs the lastest strategies for saving wildlife. Read more»

Externs and Veterinary Externs, Cape Wildlife Center

March 25, 2014—The Cape Wildlife Center is seeking externs for 2014. Read more»

A Hospital Barn Just for Horses

March 16, 2014—A new hospital barn means even better care for the rescued horses at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon. Now, any issue can be treated on-site. Read more»

Five Cows Find Sanctuary at the Ranch

February 16, 2014—Their owner purchased them to secure an agricultural exemption on his taxes in Florida. But, after being neglected for years, they'll now have acres of grass to graze for the rest of their lives. Read more»

Two Bobcat Friends for Lil Boy

January 20, 2014—Ramon and Cinammon have grown up at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. But, now they've just moved to Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch to join Lil Boy after the recent passing of another, elderly bobcat, Bob. Read more»

African Lion of Ramona-based Wildlife Center Passes Away

January 15, 2014—Samson, an African Lion and long-term resident at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center, has passed away. Samson came to the wildlife center as a 3-month-old in 2001 after being rescued from the exotic pet trade and an unlicensed owner who hoped to use the kitten as a profit-making prop. Read more»

Winter Storm Hercules Threatens New England Wildlife

January 3, 2014—One of New England’s largest wildlife rehabilitation centers proactively worked to protect its patients during the first major snowstorm of 2014. Read more»

Tee Off for Wildlife

December 29, 2013—On Friday, March 29, 2013, the San Vicente Golf Resort will host a golf tournament, with proceeds benefiting The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center. Register to play, or sign up to be a sponsor today. Read more»

Formerly Neglected Horse Finds a Forever Home

October 23, 2013—An 11-year-old quarter horse named Patrick became Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch’s newest resident. Patrick was rescued after being severely neglected. Read more»

Raleigh Transit Authority Settles Lawsuit Over Ads Exposing Pig Abuse

October 18, 2013—The Raleigh Transit Authority and The Humane Society of the United States have settled a lawsuit filed in August challenging the Transit Authority’s refusal to run advertisements that show pigs suffering in extreme confinement, a common pork industry practice. Read more»

Twice Abandoned Mare Safe at Last

October 14, 2013—In the time since she was taken from her wild herd 13 years ago, Paisley has been given little attention. After being handed from owner to owner, she finally has a permanent home. Read more»

Safe Passages Development Project Improves Wildlife Safety at Duchess Sanctuary

October 7, 2013—“Jump-overs,” “crawl-unders” and “pass-throughs” were created at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon to allow deer and bobcats to safely cross the property; to enable opossums, rabbits and turtles to pass under, and foxes, coyotes and skunks to walk through unimpeded. An innovative bear bridge created an overhead walkway for bears, cougars and raccoons, allowing them to climb and cross a fence without touching it. Read more»

Help Birds Fly Again: Fund a Feather

October 4, 2013—The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center is fundraising for a brand new, state-of-the-art aviary to enhance its rehabilitation efforts. Your donation helps the Center rescue, rehabilitate, and release more animals. Read more»

Tragic End Averted

September 30, 2013—An Oryx and a Fallow deer just arrived at Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch. Although they are safe from harm, their species are commonly used in captive hunting operations. Read more»

Coyote Siblings Get Second Chance

September 20, 2013—Four juvenile coyotes are back in their natural habitat after being rescued from imminent death. They spent three months at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center before being released. Read more»

Lead Often Deadly for Wildlife

September 6, 2013—Lead poisoning, often from discarded ammunication or tainted prey, can be deadly to wildlife who ingest it. Cape Wildlife Center treats many wildlife with symptoms of lead poisoning warns against the use of lead. Read more»

Video: 72,000 Ladybugs Keep Sanctuary Animals, Trees Safe

August 27, 2013—The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center has put 72,000 ladybugs to work to keep lerps and yellowjackets populations in check. Watch the video. Read more»

How to Find a Wildlife Rehabilitator

August 20, 2013—Found an orphaned, injured, or sick wild animal? Once you're sure the animal needs help, contact a local wildlife rehabilitator. Find a wildlife rehabilitator using our state-by-state listing. Read more»

Volunteers Improve Bobcat Lives at Sanctuary

August 15, 2013—Volunteers help enhance the lives of animals at The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in a variety of ways, applying their own unique skills to construction projects and more. Read more»