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A Decade of Duchess Sanctuary

May 11, 2018 - It has been ten years since the gates opened at Duchess Sanctuary, and over that decade the center has transformed from an uninhabited, barb-wire laden piece of property to a beautiful, lifetime safe haven for rescued horses and donkeys. Read more»

Two Horses Rescued from Starvation Are Recovering at Duchess Sanctuary

October 28, 2014 - Captain and Anna were left to starve by their owners, before they were rescued by Duchess Sanctuary. They've been with us for over a year now and their transformation from dangerously thin and neglected to happy and healthy horses has been nothing short of amazing. Read more»

Room with a View

August 27, 2015—Each year at Duchess Sanctuary we undertake a wildlife project to ensure we are living in harmony with our wild neighbors. This year, in cooperation with the HSUS Wildlife Innovation and Response Team, we installed several bird nest boxes. Read more»

Goose Family Finds a New Home at Duchess Sanctuary

June 2, 2015—Although the only official animals at our Duchess Sanctuary are horses, the sanctuary is actually home to scores of native wildlife. That’s why, for the past few years we have undertaken numerous wildlife projects with the goal of making sure we are living in harmony with our wild neighbors. Our latest project involved building two floating platforms for the largest pond on the property—one as a nesting platform, the other with perches for raptors and other large birds to sit on. Read more»

Premarin and Other PMU Drugs Are Prescriptions for Cruelty for Horses

March 27, 2015—Drugs made of pregnant mare urine (PMU), such as Premarin, are prescribed to make patients in menopause or with osteoporosis feel better. But horses suffer terribly to make them. See how you can help. Read more»

Two Horses Rescued from Starvation Are Recovering at Duchess Sanctuary

October 28, 2014—Captain and Anna, left to starve by an owner who could no longer feed them, are now safe and happy at our Duchess Sanctuary Read more»

House Resolution in Support of Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers Praised

October 8, 2014—The Humane Society of the United States praised the introduction of a Congressional resolution recognizing the important role experienced and accredited wildlife rehabilitation centers play in caring for native wildlife in communities across the country. Read more»

Duchess Finds Success with Wildlife Safe Passages Program

September 29, 2014—In the summer of 2013 the Duchess Sanctuary, in cooperation with the HSUS Wildlife Innovation and Response Team, installed numerous safe passageways in our fencing to allow for the travel of wildlife native to the area through our property. Read more»

2012 ACE Documentary Grant Winners

August 1, 2014—"Shadow Trade," an investigation into Thai dog trafficking, wins The HSUS's 2012 ACE Documentary Film Grant. "Horsepower," the runner-up, touches on a variety of equine issues. Read more»

Don't Fence Me Out: Creating Safe Passages for Wildlife at Oregon Horse Sanctuary

July 22, 2014—When fencing to keep horses safe at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon started causing problems for wildlife, The HSUS figured out a way to keep all the animals happy. Read more»

Duchess Sanctuary Holds Photography Workshop

June 3, 2014—Duchess Sanctuary, just outside of Oakland, Oregon, recently held a photography workshop to allow amateur photographers the chance to capture the beauty of the rolling hills, wildflowers and horses that make up Duchess. Read more»

Statement of The Fund for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States in Response to the Multi-Party Settlement with Feld Entertainment

May 15, 2014—The Fund for Animals and The Humane Society of the United States issued the following statement in response to the settlement announced between Feld Entertainment (the owner of the Ringling Bros. circus) and 12 other parties. Read more»

Little Horse Gets Large New Life at Duchess

April 6, 2014—Betty Boop was rescued from deplorable conditions and neglect on a property with more than 100 other dogs and more than 20 horses. But now, she gets individual attention at Duchess. Read more»

A Hospital Barn Just for Horses

March 16, 2014—A new hospital barn means even better care for the rescued horses at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon. Now, any issue can be treated on-site. Read more»

Twice Abandoned Mare Safe at Last

October 14, 2013—In the time since she was taken from her wild herd 13 years ago, Paisley has been given little attention. After being handed from owner to owner, she finally has a permanent home. Read more»

Safe Passages Development Project Improves Wildlife Safety at Duchess Sanctuary

October 7, 2013—“Jump-overs,” “crawl-unders” and “pass-throughs” were created at Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon to allow deer and bobcats to safely cross the property; to enable opossums, rabbits and turtles to pass under, and foxes, coyotes and skunks to walk through unimpeded. An innovative bear bridge created an overhead walkway for bears, cougars and raccoons, allowing them to climb and cross a fence without touching it. Read more»

Barely Alive Pony Finds Happy Home

August 8, 2013—Sway was rescued with 157 other horses from two properties where the bodies of dead horses were also found. She has regained health and found a permanent home at Duchess Sanctuary. Read more»

Pony With Overgrown Feet Rescued

June 27, 2013—After years of neglect, Herbie was found with hooves so overgrown they resembled snow skis. After having a combined 28 inches of foot removed, his rehabilitation is slow but steady. Read more»

2013 Spring Open House at Duchess

May 13, 2013—Join us on June 8, 2013 for Duchess Sanctuary's Spring Open House and Five Year Anniversary Celebration. Tour the sprawling sanctuary grounds, meet our horses, and learn about how you can become more involved. Read more»

Take a Tour of Duchess Sanctuary

April 16, 2013—In the rural community of Oakland, Oregon sits Duchess Sanctuary, run by The Fund for Animals. It's home to hundreds of horses on more than 1,100 acres. The horses all come from places where they were abused, neglected, or otherwise mistreated. Read more»

Kind News Feature: Saving Mustangs

April 10, 2013—Each year, hundreds of wild horses are rounded up from the wild and sold at auction, and some are sent to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered (killed for their meat). Meet a few mustangs who made it to the safety of a sanctuary—and some kids who are working to protect horses. Read more»

Five Faces of Animal Care

April 3, 2013—A chimpanzee, two horses, a fisher, and a lion—five animals who found sanctuary at our care centers. Read more»

Fund for Animals News: Fall 2012

April 3, 2013—The Fund for Animals’ animal care centers are spread from coast to coast, and the fall weather affects each in unique and beautiful ways. Read more»

Minnie's Miracle

April 3, 2013—Minnie and four other thoroughbred mares rescued from a cruelty case are gaining strength at the Duchess Sanctuary before moving to our Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch for training and eventual adoption. Read more»

Volunteers Gain Experience, Inspiration at Duchess Sanctuary

April 1, 2013—In honor of National Volunteer Appreciation Month, Duchess Sanctuary stories from several passionate volunteers. Read more»

185 Reasons to Stop Horse Slaughter

March 20, 2013—Many of the horses at the Duchess Sanctuary in Oregon were saved from the incredible cruelty of slaughter Read more»

Starving Mares Recover at Duchess

February 13, 2013—Penny and Sadie, two pregnant mares among a group of ten severely neglected horses rescued in Janauary, are regaining their health at Duchess Sanctuary. Read more»